D-Day for Devon

Crack the codes in time to save Devon and the rest of the UK from German occupation.

Professor Enright's Enigma

The first instalment in our escape room series – do you have what it takes to steal the Enigma diamond from the Professor?

Death on Dartmoor

A hostage will be killed every hour, on the hour and the clock is ticking…

Where time doesn’t stand still…


Devon Escape is a live escape room company in Newton Abbot, Devon. You are locked in a room with your family, friends or work colleagues and using only your puzzle-solving skills and teamwork you must find a way to escape within one hour.

This is a great way to have fun whilst exercising the mind. Follow the clues, complete the objective, unlock the door and escape!

Sounds easy… but can you do it in an hour?


Professor Enright's Enigma

Professor Enright, the world – famous explorer, has travelled the world in search of the Enigma Diamond.

After many years, he found it deep within the jungles of South America. Tonight the Professor is hosting a gathering to celebrate his success. With the party in full swing, you and your team break into the study, determined to steal his most prized possession.

You have one hour.

Death on Dartmoor

Following a robbery at Professor Enright’s mansion, a body is found on Dartmoor with a ransom note claiming hostages have been taken.

Ascertain who is behind the kidnapping and where the captives are being held.

A hostage will be killed every hour, on the hour and the clock is ticking…

D-Day for Devon

It’s 1942 and your country needs you!

A resistance fighter on the newly occupied Channel Islands has obtained some time critical intelligence!

Will you and your team help King and country by joining the Home Guard and cracking the clues to stop an imminent enemy invasion right here in Devon?

Devon’s Most Immersive Escape Rooms


Anyone can take part at Devon Escape.

The escape games are based on logic and critical thinking so minimal physical activity is required.

Whilst everyone is welcome, we suggest children under the age of 12 may find some of the puzzles a little complex. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

The rooms are designed for groups of between 2-6 people.

This is a great way for families, friends and colleagues to have a challenging but enjoyable afternoon or evening with a difference.


Want to buy someone a unique birthday experience? Buy them a gift voucher!

Our escape rooms make a great birthday day out and can be used for any available date and time in any of our rooms.


If you are looking for an activity to do with your friends, look no further!

Why not spend an afternoon getting locked in a room, working together to try and escape against the clock!


Team building activities are proven to help improve productivity, motivation and collaboration in the workplace.

Treat your team members by booking in to one or more of our rooms for the afternoon and try to beat the clock!

How do I play?


Firstly book your personal escape room session with us. Choose an available date and time from the bookings page to confirm your time slot with us. On the day you should arrive 10 minutes before the start time to ensure there is enough time for your briefing. After the initial briefing, you and your team will be given 60 minutes.

Will you manage to escape in time? There is only one way to find out…


Look anywhere and everywhere in the room. Have you missed something? Do you need a hint?

Work together as a team using all the information you have found and have been given to complete the game and escape.

We look forward to welcoming you to Devon Escape soon!

By far the best escape experience I have had in the south west. Great atmosphere and clever puzzles made a very immersive game!

Christian C.

Trip Advisor member

This escape room was great fun and something different to do with my family. Cleverly themed with loads of puzzles to test different people’s skill sets. It was fun to work together to try and solve the mystery!


Trip Advisor member

My sister and I have done quite a few of these escape rooms across the country, so we have a lot to compare it with….this was great fun. Highly recommended.


Trip Advisor member