Professor Enright’s Enigma

Professor Enright, the world – famous explorer and historian, has travelled the world in search of the Enigma Diamond.

After many years of searching, he found it deep within the jungles of South America. Tonight the Professor is hosting a party to celebrate his achievement. You and your team have got into the Professor’s mansion disguised as kitchen staff. Whilst the party is in full swing, you break into the study, determined to steal his prized possession.

You have one hour.

Death on Dartmoor

Following a robbery at Professor Enright’s mansion, a body is found on Dartmoor with a ransom note claiming hostages have been taken. Ascertain who is behind the kidnapping and where the captives are being held.

A hostage will be killed every hour, on the hour and the clock is ticking…

D-Day for Devon

It’s 1942 and your country needs you!

A resistance fighter on the newly occupied Channel Islands has obtained some time critical intelligence!

Will you and your team help King and country by joining the Home Guard and cracking the clues to stop an imminent enemy invasion right here in Devon?


Not sure which room to pick?

Professor Enright’s Enigma is the first instalment in Devon Escape’s rooms. Take on the Professor in a themed study with a twist. Perhaps you would rather try to identify the kidnapper and save the hostages in Death on Dartmoor? Modern day puzzles with an item in the room you certainly wont be expecting! Or perhaps you would rather transport back to 1942 working for the Home Guard and save Devon from occupation! All three rooms hold a maximum of six players. Book all three on the same day for the full immersive experience.